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icmPrint — The International Centre for Manufacture by Printing — brings together leading industry organisations to create a single not-for-profit resource centre for best practices, technical advice, underlying science, and training, along with innovation development for products where printing plays an essential role in their manufacture.
icmPrint brings together Print Process Champions generic best practices platform with the Advancing Printing Network created by the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating within Swansea University’s College of Engineering. Their scope includes all printing processes for applications ranging from publication, packaging, security, fabrics, ceramics, polymer electronics, biosensors, etc. Membership is open to printers, converters and suppliers. More...

Print process champions

Print Process CHAMPIONS is an international platform to collect, structure, share and promote generic best practices for all printing processes, materials and print products. Best practices are central to optimising quality, reliability, economic and environmental performance. More...

The Print Process Champion site will continue to make available many FREE downloadable guides, reports and posters until the icmPrint site becomes operational.



These high-speed images show a new application of camera monitoring that provides heatset printers with a real time picture of the printing blanket condition. The Wash Cycle Optimizer from Procemex provide continuous imaging of conditions in the blanket printing area.



Collaborative cross-industry projects continue to provide unique insights into industry issues and developments. These currently include:

- Optimised Paper Handling & Logistics
A unique cross-industry collaborative project brings together the entire paper supply chain — from the mill, through transport, storage, handling and press preparation — to establish a common best practice tool and global reference. The first edition will be launched at WAN-IFRA Expo in October 2015.

- Lean & Green Sustainable Printing Plants
This new best practice guide is being jointly published with IDEP France to provide an overview and international examples of sustainable printing plants. It will be launched at Graphitec in Paris on June 10.

- Lean & Green Print Plants Case Studies
Nine international case studies have been made of printing companies that have made the transition to sustainable printing sites provide others with their experiences.
Downloadable from Case studies Sustainable Printing Plants.

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“Do PDF/VT Right™: How to make problem-free PDF files for variable data printing” Free from

‘Inking & Dampening System Productivity’ is the fourth FREE downloadable best practice poster from Web Offset Champions Group in 5 languages.

Web Offset E-TOOLBOX of 8 Guides with over 260 pages of best practices from Web Offset Champions Group in GB, DE, FR, ES, IT.

icmPrint EVENTS

— June 24 “Innovative and interactive packaging” venue London
— July 13-17 Early Researcher Summer School “Science and Engineering of Printable Electronics” venue Swansea University
— November 9-10 – WCPC Technology Conference & Exhibition, venue – Marriott Hotel, Swansea
— Monthly Research Webinars

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